Sunday, October 30, 2011

Wine-ding down

Sunday night after a busy week. I made 48 cupcakes today. I don't do that. Ever. A dozen? Yes. 48? No. I leave that to my sister, the baker. But, our church Trunk-or-Treat event needed cupakes so I made them. And they turned out awesome. (These are what I made. MMMM.)

Sparky made a great supper of stuffed peppers. Kids got baths, books and bed. I painted my fingernails. Black. And I love them.

Now, I'm sitting with a glass of Red Rock Malbec watching Sunday night football and trying not to wreck my nails.

We are going to have a long day tomorrow. I'm sure I'll need a glass of something wonderful to end the day and to write the final 31 Days of Wine post.

Maybe it'll be from one of these lists.

Dark and scary red wines for Halloween
12 Most Wicked Wines for Halloween

Have a great Monday and I hope no one eggs your house, soaps your car or smashes your pumpkins tomorrow night!

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