Sunday, October 9, 2011

Breaking the law, breaking the law

It’s not in my nature to do things out of order. I like things chronological. I like things to go they way they are supposed to. So, today’s post is a leap for me. Since I started doing the whole white wine thing first, the next logical post would be a Sauvignon Blanc or a Chardonnay.  But, I wasn’t in the mood to talk about whites today. (Truth be told I wasn’t in the mood when I wrote about them before, but aren’t you supposed to start with white and light and move into dark and red?)

Anyway, I was trying to think about what to write earlier this morning and the plan was either Sauv Blanc or the really bad Cab I had at supper last night (which still might show up later in this post). Until I got to my mom’s house this afternoon. And she brought out a bottle of Malbec.  My mom…the Moscato fan. She’s breaking out of her shell, trying new things, and she liked the purple label on the bottle, so she bought it.
She inspired me to do the unexpected tonight. So, since Malbecs are my new obsession I decided to write about them instead. I don’t know what it is about them.(And, I didn’t realize that Malbec was one of the traditional Bordeaux varietals and at one time was planted all over France.) I really haven’t had one that I don’t like.  The majority of the ones I’ve seen have been from Argentina, but you can get them from other countries in South America and even California.

In fact, I discovered one of my favorites is from California. It won at one of our wine clubs.
Red Rock Malbec

It’s just awesome. Love everything about it. Price, taste, everything.

The one mom bought was good too…

I also really like Trapiche Oak Cask. It was recommended to me from a guy I work with. Yum-to-the-eee.


Sigh. Love them. Anyone else a Malbec fan? What’s your favorite?

Oh, about the Cab I had at supper. So, we are at a local bar/pub in a smaller town. I order a Cab (which is what I typically do when we go out to eat when I assume they don’t have a wine list of any kind). Usually, it’s a cheaper Cab, but still decent.  The waitress showed up with an individual bottle of Barefoot Cabernet. I’ve bought and drank individual bottles before, and not had any problems. But, it was pretty bad. I still drank it (I don’t NOT drink a wine I’ve ordered), but it was kind of disappointing. Actually, it matched the food, so I shouldn’t have been all that surprised.


  1. I've tried Barefoot wines and I just do not like them, none of them. Yeah, the price is right (hiiiii, less than $5) but they're just awful.

  2. This post was providential for me to find on my first visit here - I adore Malbec. Spicy, sexy, earthy, smooth - it is everything good about red wine for me... My favorite is Layer Cake Malbec. It's a little hard to find around here, and it runs around $15 per bottle so I don't buy it all the time.

  3. I like the Gascon Malbec - my friend Kate buys it by the case for $9 - $10. Nice and spicy.


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