Friday, October 28, 2011

What's in a name?

I've said before that I remember wines based on their label. But I also pick them by their label or their name.

Like, the Middle Sister Wines. The graphics on the label are what initially made me buy it, but now I really like them.

A clever wine name will also make me pick up a bottle. (What a fun job that would be! Getting to name a wine? Awesome.) Fat Bastard was one of those. It made me think of the Austin Powers movies and giggle right in the liquor store. (Although, I can't remember if I've had the Cab or only the Shiraz...I may have to try the Cab.)

I did a search on funny wine names and found this post. Wouldn't you know that Fat Bastard was at the top of the list? That's the only one on the list that I've tried, but I may have to check out a couple of the others.

I also found this list on cafemom. Some funny shi stuff out there. I know that I snorted at least twice.

And I found this little video:

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Haven't tried either of them, but oops has been on every list. And you know how much I like a good blend, and Joe Blow has potential. I'll be adding both of these to my wine shopping list!

Anyone else tried any of the others on these lists? What's your favorite wine name? Have you had good luck or bad luck picking a wine cause the label was cute or the name was funny?


  1. I am now partial to Flip Flop...for the obvious reason (picture) I sent you!!

  2. Well, your series is almost over. . .thanks for all of the info (and giggles!) about one of my fave topics.

    Happy weekend, friend.


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