Friday, October 7, 2011

Pee-noh Gree-Jhoh

Or is it Pee-noh Gree-Jhee-oh ? Either way, Pinot Grigio is the next stop on our tour of white wine. You may have also heard it called Pinot Gris. (Why do all these wines/grapes have multiple names?)

If you see any of these when you are browsing whites, they are also pinots grigios!

(click picture for source)

It is Italy's most popular white wine.  And, it's a genetic mutant. No lie.  Ask Wikipedia.  (At least this one isn't made from rotten grapes though.)

I also checked out They didn't have any new info that I hadn't seen already on Wikipedia, but they did have a list of producers to try.

One of them was Hogue Cellars. I've had other Hogue wines and they've been kinda hit or miss, but decided to check out their site anyway.  The site was cool and except it asked me for my age. (Sigh. My year keeps getting further and further down the list.)

They also having tasting notes for each of their wines, which is actually pretty neat. (Hogue Pinot Grigio tasting notes.)

Also on their list of producers to try, was Eyrie Vineyards. They were the first to plant Pinot Gris vines in the United States back in 1966.

(I'm thinking I need to start some kind of wine trivia game. I'm learning all kinds of stuff!)

I enjoy a Pinot Grigio every now and then.  Mostly in the summer when it's really hot.  I have a friend who LOVES Pinot Grigios. (Ironically, she and my mom both like white wine, but hate the kind the other likes. When we have wine club, she knows she's not going to like what mom has brought and vice versa. Cracks me up.) She said she typically just buys what's on sale at the liquor store and hasn't been disappointed yet. 

How about you? Any Pee-noh Gree-Jhoh drinkers out there? 

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  1. I do like Pinot Grigio, but I haven't consistently found one that I like. Still looking. My go to wines tend to be from local vineyards. I'd like to try some new wines, so I'll be interested to hear what you have to recommend this month.


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