Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Porch Update

I finally have a couple of updates to the porch project I started a couple of weeks ago.  And my craft room floor looked like this:


I knew I wanted a wreath for the front door, so I’ve been pinning a lot of wreaths lately for inspiration.

Like, this one:

 Source: Madigan Made via Jill on Pinterest

 And this one:

 But, I finally decided to tackle this one:

And it’s probably one of the easiest things I’ve done.

I got the grapevine wreath on sale at Hobby Lobby for $3.50. Then I picked up some nice soft yarn while I was there and used my 40% off coupon.  I also picked up some burlap at JoAnn using a 40% off coupon as well. That’s right, I was a bargain shopper! (So, I’d never bought burlap before. Why? I don’t know. Anywho, the girl that cut it for me was not impressed to be cutting burlap. I guess there is a right way and a wrong way to cut burlap, and the last person to cut it, did it the wrong way. Who knew?)

First, I wrapped the yarn around one side.  Then I cut my burlap (not the right way), and used hot glue to attached it on the back.

My next big decision was what kind of flowers to put on it. I didn’t have any felt, but I did have some plaid fabric from some pillows I’d made a few years ago.  I did a search for fabric flower tutorials, but didn’t see any that jumped out at me. . (There are a bajillion.) I didn’t really want to sew and I didn’t have any buttons. Then, I remembered this fabric flower tutorial from Emily at Jones Design Company. Perfecto!  These were super easy and didn’t take much time at all.  The only issue that I really had was I cut some of the strips too wide and they weren’t very long, but in the end, they worked out pretty well.

I spent maybe an hour total. (And some of that was wasting time cutting circles out of fabric trying to make flowers before I finally broke down and looked online.)

The other thing I knew I wanted to do was use a pumpkin as a planter. I fell in love with them after seeing this:

So, I broke down and bought a couple of pumpkins. (There’s a patch by my parent’s house that’s free pumpkin patch and I was trying to hold out until I made it up there, but I just couldn’t do it.)

I knew that I didn’t want to see the actual pot the mums were in, so I cut the whole in the top of the pumpkin a little bit wider than the circumference of the container.  To keep the container from falling to the bottom of the pumpkin, I stuff the pumpkin with plastic shopping bags.  This was very easy as well and makes me love pumpkins even more.

I’ve got a few things left before the porch is really ready for fall. More pumpkins, maybe a hay bale, some cornstalks…we’ll see.

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  1. Cute, Jill! I especially like the pumpkin planters! Imaginisce has some fabric and paper flower rolling tools... their flowers turn out more 3D, though. I think they are pretty cute... maybe they have some directions on their site? I've got the tools, but I haven't tried using them yet. www.imaginisce.com


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