Friday, January 7, 2011

Home Goals for 2011

When The Nester asked what people had for home goals in 2011, it didn't take me long to know what mine were.

As I've posted before, we bought a new (to us) house back in November. Since then we've been tearing it apart.  I see it as a chance to start over with how we approach decorating and make it our own.  As a result, I only have one goal for this home in 2011.

Don't fill it up with things we don't LOVE

In the past, we've had a tendency to buy things because they matched our decor or they were a good deal, not necessarily because we loved them. I want to change that with this house. If it takes us a year or two to finish all the rooms, so be it. I'd rather live with an partially finished room we love than a finished room we just kinda like.

The whole remodel process is new to both of us. We've done some sprucing here and there on houses we've had in the past, but this is the first time we are tearing up floors, tearing down wallpaper and tearing down fake cedar ceiling beams (Yes, I said fake cedar ceiling beams...they were everywhere!)

All of the possibilities that come with starting from scratch are a little daunting, but I can't wait! Here's to a fabulous "new" home in 2011.

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  1. Found you on the home goals, but it felt like I was looking at my own blog for a minute. We've both got the same blogger template. You have great taste!


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