Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Drum Shade Makeover

You know, when you have an idea and then it comes out even better than you thought it would? Yeah, that totally happened with this project.  I'm so freaking excited about it!

I've been trying to figure out what to do with the lamps in the living room. They have black bases and red drum shades. We got them at Pier One a few years ago, so they weren't cheap. I didn't want to buy new lamps, but the red shades just weren't working any more. I did look around to see if I could find reasonably priced cream drum shades, but no such luck. I think the cheapest I found was $40. No thanks!

(I was so excited to get started, that I didn't take any close-ups of them before I started. Ooops.)

What to do, what to do. I thought about spray painting them. I thought about wrapping them with ribbon. Then, I saw this from Heather at At The Picket Fence and a lightbulb went off (har de har har...I couldn't help myself).

Not exactly the same thing, but close enough!  And, I just happened to have some fabric that I needed to figure out what to do with. (Remember the fabric I bought to recover the thrift store chair?) Perfect for this!

I followed Heather's tutorial pretty much to the letter. I cut the fabric, then used a hot glue gun to attach it to the shades. Holy transformation Batman!

I needed to do a little trimming to clean up on the inside of each shade.

I trimmed up the excess fabric, then glued some cream grosgrain ribbon around the cut edge.

And here they are back on the lamps. LOVE!

Sigh. I'm so happy. It's the little things.

One more thing off the list! 
  • Paint and reupholster chair (which I've never done before)
  • Three new (or new to us) side tables
  • New lamp shades or redo the current ones
  • New lamp
  • Hang curtains
  • Update hardware on the buffet (there is a reason there's no close up of it yet)
  • Hang artwork/mirror/pictures above couch/buffet/bookshelf
  • New lamp for buffet?
  • New pillows for couch
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  1. Oh yeah, that looks good. Great lamp.

  2. That looks wonderful. I love it! I bet it goes great with the rest of the room.

  3. That did come out pretty snazzy! I need to import some awesome-with-their-hands bloggers to come hook Casa de Dummies up!


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