Sunday, January 22, 2012

A little progress...

I've got a little progress to share on our family room that I first showed you here.

In that original post, I showed the floorplan we were going for and it involved a couple of occasional chairs.  Since I'm already planning on tackling one DIY chair, we decided to buy the other two. And we LOVE them.

We got this faux leather one at our local Furniture Mart.  I wasn't sure I'd like a chair with no arms, but it's really comfortable.

And this little lovely came from Target. Yep, Target.

During the chair shopping process, I realized that while I love the look of high contrast, bright, patterned furniture, actually buying it and having it in my house scares the crap out of me.  "Hi, my name is Jill and I'm scared of bold patterned furniture."

A little side story, Sparky and I were talking about the chairs we bought and the colors that we are going for in this room. I pulled out the fabric for the chair I plan to redo to see how it would go with everything else. When I asked him what he thought, his response was "it's nice."  And then said, "Is nice really what you are going for? I thought this was going to be a fun room. So far, there is no fun Jill in this room." And that folks, is why I married this wonderful man. He gets me.  And he pushes me to do things I'm scared to do. But,now I have to find new fabric for the chair. And I'm not having any luck. It's out there somewhere, I know it is.

Ok, back to the rest of the progress. Sparky got the curtain rod and curtain hung for me. (I hate hanging curtain rods. I've only done two. He's done a bajillion. He could do that bajillion in the time it takes me to do two.)

The window is eight feet long. And low. And not centered on the wall.  Awesome! Anywho, I had gotten the striped curtains at, you guessed it, Target, a looonnng time ago for a different room in the house and they didn't work. And I never took them back. I suck at taking stuff back to the store if it doesn't work. This time though, it paid off.  It's hard to tell in this picture, but the stripes are actually a couple of different shades of green.

The sheers are also from Target and I love the medallion design. (Side note, it's VERY hard to take a picture of sheers when there is bright, white snow on the ground and the sun is shining).

We also got a little something hung up on one of the bare walls. Oh, how I love stained glass windows!

This lovely hung in the house Sparky grew up in. My MIL gave it to us when we were cleaning out his dad's shop.  Sigh. It just makes me smile looking at it. And yes, this is the "back" side of the window. We liked it better than the front.

And here are a couple of shots of the whole room.

Even though not a whole lot has changed, it's amazing the difference these few things have made. This is slowly, but surely becoming one of my favorite rooms. I'm sitting in it writing this post as a matter of fact. And, it's where I hosted wine club last week too.

You might notice an extra lamp on the far end of the couch. We needed a little more light in that corner, so I grabbed one of those cheapy three legged tables and an extra lamp. It really makes a big difference!

We've still got a ways to go, but at least it's progress!
  • Paint and reupholster chair (which I've never done before)
  • Three new (or new to us) side tables
  • New lamp shades or redo the current ones
  • New lamp
  • Hang curtains
  • Update hardware on the buffet (there is a reason there's no close up of it yet)
  • Hang artwork/mirror/pictures above couch/buffet/bookshelf
  • New lamp for buffet?
  • New pillows for couch

I've got an unrelated project I'm working on too. Here's a little sneak peak:

It's looking awesome! I can't wait to show it to you when it's done!

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  1. Lovely progress, Jill! The chairs are divine. Can't wait to see the upcoming cork project!


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