Sunday, December 4, 2011

Uff da

Obviously, the 31 days of posting wore me out. Good grief.

Since then, both my husband and I had birthdays, my mom and I went to France for a week, we celebrated Thanksgiving, and I've been to the penny sale.

I've been crazy busy and totally exhausted since November 1. And now we are in Christmas Craziness mode.

I do want to tell you all about France ($4.00 Bordeaux at the grocery store!!!) and the goodies I came home with as well as a couple of quick projects I've done for Christmas. Hopefully, I'll get to them soon(since I dropped the ball with the whole front porch thing.)

I had to clean and organize my craft room this afternoon. I couldn't take the chaos anymore. I can't think, much less created surrounded by crap.

Hopefully, that will get and keep me motivated through the holidays!

How crazy busy are the rest of you? Anything you wish you could get done by Christmas, but know it won't happen?

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